As Art with a Heart’s junior board, this group of young professionals are committed to advocating for Art with a Heart and its programs. Through service events, social networking and outreach efforts, the Impressionists enjoy fun and interactive ways to give back to the community while growing their professional community. Art with a Heart’s mission is to enhance the lives of people in need through visual art and the Impressionists’ mission is to support Art with a Heart through creative social activism.

Social engagements (such as community service, networking events, speakers, professional development, game/trivia nights, etc.) are offered regularly. Sign up here to stay up to date on Impressionists events.

Impressionists Leadership Committee Members

Brooke Bomberger
Meghan Cox
Emily Ginsburg
Jessica Pupkin
Audra Kincaid
Madison Kryger
Becca Wilen
Dave Wilen

Contact Yolanda Jenkins at or 410-366-8886 to get information regarding the Impressionists Leadership Committee.